Just a Little Longer Now…

We have finally found a couple of billing options we can use for our new project—we now just have to integrate them with our systems. We have also found a third party site we can work with should this prove too difficult, although for the best possible user experience at the lowest possible price, we still want to do it ourselves if we can. We are aiming to get this underway by next month (I hope!).

For now, enjoy this hilarious video from DarkMatter2525, the person who brought us the creation story cartoon I posted previously. I also highly recommend his Let God Sort Them Out video—it is along similar lines to the An Atheist Meets God video I posted a while back, and once again shows the sheer absurdity of the Bible’s statements on who goes to heaven and who doesn’t. I also really like his Epic God Fail video, which lists many of God’s outrageous atrocities, with a great punch line!

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Congrats on finally finding a some options, and for sticking with it. I’m very curious as to what you have in mind, but if it has anything to do with you, sans clothes, its bound to be a winner. : )
I signed back up at your modelling site to tide me over. Your latest video is hot!



Thanks Marc! I’m sure you’ll enjoy what we have in store. :-)


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