August 2008

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My Blog Is Live!

That’s right! After testing out a few different personal publishing/content management systems, we finally settled on WordPress, and made all the required modifications and additions necessary to make it work the way we wanted. Although WordPress didn’t have the power to do everything we wanted “out of the box”, it is so well supported by a vast array of plug-ins that it seems possible to make it do just about anything you might want!

The biggest difficulty has been making it absolutely secure against hackers and spammers, while not inconveniencing our users in any way. My webmaster Lee has put a lot of work into this, and he is confident he has achieved this goal—you won’t need to solve any captchas or anything like that.

We haven’t put too much work into the design yet—it is based on the very clean, elegant and functional Tarski theme, with only minor modifications. This is because we are intending to incorporate various parts of my main site (most importantly the FAQ) into this blog, so we will be redesigning both sites at the same time. We thought we’d better just get this blog up first!

One more thing: because we sadly live in a world where a web site is restricted simply because it contains nudity, in order to reach as wide an audience as possible, we have made the difficult decision to keep this blog strictly non-nude for now. Of course, for those who wish to see that side of my work, you can always go to my main site any time you want!

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