Usability Enhancements

Sorry it’s been taking me so long to post an update on what’s been happeing with me recently (and what’s to come), but my webmaster Lee has been working on some usability enhancements to our site, which we wanted to test fully before doing another post.

Firstly, in response to a user request (thanks for the suggestion John!), we’ve now added the ability to edit your own comments, up to one hour after posting them. Secondly, we’ve refined the log in/log out process, so that you are instantly returned to the page you came from after logging in or out. And finally, we’ve refined the user registration process: instead of generating a random password, you can now choose your own password when you register. You will then be emailed a special link to activate your account. This will make it easier for us to manually activate your account if you don’t receive your registration email. If you’ve tried to register but didn’t receive your registration email, please contact us, and we’ll fix it for you. We’ll need a valid email address to contact you on though!

August 13 Update: In response to user requests, we’ve now added the ability for you to preview your comments, plus you can automatically quote from and reply to other people’s comments as well!

Speaking of valid email addresses, you will of course need one to register. But don’t worry, your email address will be safe with us! We will only use it for administrative purposes, and it will never be shared with any third parties. And you can choose exactly what emails you want to receive from us (and how you want to receive them): when you’re logged in, just click on “Your Profile” in the top lefthand corner (or the “profile” link at the bottom of every page) and select your preferred options.

BTW, you don’t need to worry about hackers or spammers harvesting your email address either. Even if a critical new security bug is discovered in WordPress, it won’t work on this site, as Lee has walled off the entire admin section (apart from the user profile page) at the server level. We are using the same security system to protect it as what we use to protect the members’ section of my main site, and this has been 100% effective in blocking hackers for over four years now, despite the fact that they attack it literally every single day (often hundreds of them at a time!). So we are very confident this site is as safe from hackers as it can be!