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Alright, now that we’ve gotten everything on this blog working perfectly, I can finally bring you up to date on what’s been happening with me recently!

As my long term fans will know, earlier this year we sent out a manuscript for my first book (on health and beauty) to publishers. At the time, we had no idea how long it would take to get a response—apparently it can often take up to six months, and that’s just for the initial response! We are just starting to get some responses now, but at this stage, we are nowhere near making a deal, let alone knowing of it’s something we’ll be happy with!

As my long term fans will also know, we produced an exercise and yoga DVD to accompany my book, as we intend to sell them as a package to encourage sales of the book. The good news is, this DVD is finished—the image at the start of this post is a still from it. The bad news is, because we want it to accompany my book, we can’t sell it to you yet! We will have to wait and see what sort of deal we can make with publishers before we sell it to you ourselves.

At this stage, our plan is that if we don’t have what at least looks like an attractive offer on the table by Christmas, we will start selling them directly. However, for this to really be a success, I will need to travel internationally for promotion, and of course, this will cost a lot of money. The good part of this is that I will be able to meet a lot of my fans; the bad part is that I will need an investor (or investors) to be able to afford it!

My webmaster/photographer/producer Lee and I have always done everything ourselves until now. This gives us great artistic control, but as we’ve paid for everything out of our own pockets, our budget is limited. And as we’ve never sought an investor before, we don’t really have much idea of how to go about it. Does anyone have any suggestions on what we should do here?

In the mean time, Lee is going to work on a final edit of my book (as many of you will know, I always get him to correct my written English, as his English is a whole lot better than mine!), as well as design and lay it out in preparation for self-publishing (in case we go down that route). I have also been translating it back into Chinese.

Speaking of Chinese, I have completed the translation of my main web site as well—Lee will be putting it up after he completes the redesign necessary to integrate both of my sites. We are also going to be putting up a Chinese version of this blog, which we’ve already started on as well. So there’s still a lot of work to do, and unfortunately, nothing we can sell to you just yet! I will however be posting regular updates to this blog in the mean time.


My advice would be to talk to investment bankers or people in that field. I google searched “investment banks of australia” and some well-known banks showed up.

You may also want to talk to a lawyer or maybe an agent. Unfortunately these ideas will cost some money and I completely understand limited budgets.

I’m sorry I couldn’t be of more help.


Well Sachiko, I believe Lee and I figured out my Log-In Issues. It’s great to be in here with you guys.

So you’re after investors hey? Welcome To The Land Of Craziness

As you know, my Lil Korean Dragon Lady and I own 5 stores, and getting ready to build a 6th soon. We have actually had investors come to us, twice.

Private investors could have a couple advantages for us, but:

First, I personally built all of these stores with blood, sweat and tears. They’re filled with merchandise my Lil Korean Dragon Lady and I bought ourselves from manufacturers, we work with. Our staff are people we have hired and trained, ourselves, and some of them are very good friends who have hung-in there with us at times.

Secondly, I’m the type who has a lil trouble listening to an Investor(s) who have all of these bright ideas and suggestions, and they haven’t spent a single minute in their lives… working a retail floor.

Third, their return expections are not fitted to the real world of retailing, which takes an undetermined amount of time for a store to build and mature. If I would’ve listened to the first group of investors who rolled out of the wood pile… I wouldn’t have one of my Top Producing Stores, today. Whatever…

Finally, at the same time, if the right Investor(s) come along… We are always ready to chat. But we are also very capable of saying, Thanks… But No Thanks. We really do not need unproductive pressure from Investors. If the right Partnership presents itself, we might consider it.

All that being said, I suggest you guys sit down and design a very specific Business Plan with Strategies, Products, Services, Pricing, Promotional and Branding Tactics, Projections and so forth.

This might help… Investors, Or Not.

Hope it is a lil help.

A Friend Over @ Scanlover


Hey OldiesLover, it’s great to see you here!

I have to say that I agree with what you say about investors, which is why we’ve been so reluctant to get any until now. I believe what I have to offer is absolutely unique, so to make the most of it, I really need to do things on my own way. This is something most investors would have a lot of trouble with! But if we self-publish, it would take a very long time to generate the sort of publicity I’d need if we did everything out of our own pockets.

On the other hand, if we really put our minds to it, I’m sure we could come up with ways to generate lots of publicity without having to spend too much money. Right?

I really have to wonder though: how on earth did you get the money together to start your own stores without any investors? Maybe we should make you our investor. ;-)


Hummm… Investor, hey? Well, thinking about this a moment, it’s quite possible in your case that someone who would invest into your Brand, would be a Fan of sorts.

You see, what thought an Investor(s) would consider (Although they may not mention it directly), is what would happen if something would happen to you, as the Brand Carrier.

In our case, if my Lil Korean Dragon Lady and I would happen to be run over by a truck, our stores (Hence, our Brand) could possibly be run by someone else.

However, in your case, the investment would probably be a total loss.

This means… You guessed it. Maximum Risk.

Therefore, your Investor will need the Minimum Amount of Time, to get their investment back (To at least, Breakeven.) before something unforeseen, might happen.

This sounds terrible, but it’s business, not personal.

Anyways, are you guys working on a Business Plan yet?


We haven’t drawn up anything formal, but we have a pretty clear idea of where we want to go. Of course if we are looking seriously at getting an investor we will have to draw one up, but I suspect we will more than likely continue as we always have. It’s a little slow, but it’s the only way we can make sure everything is the way we want it to be.

Your other point reminds me of something Lee’s been concerned about for a while – he wants to take out some kind of insurance policy on me, because if what you say above happens, he will be out of business! But he’s been so busy working on my stuff that he hasn’t had time to chase this up yet…


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