December 2008

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And the Winner Is…

Well I must say I really enjoyed all the entries in my win a kiss from me for Christmas competition—my readers certainly are a very witty bunch! So much so in fact that I haven’t been able to pick a clear winner. So I’ve decided to blow a kiss to everyone who entered! I must say though, I do think Loverboy’s entry will make for a nice, simple, yet entertaining video, so I’ve decided to act out his suggestion in the clip—I have the perfect, cute and sexy little party dress for the occasion! And for my web site members, I will post an extended, R-rated version as well!

I was originally intending to post this video on New Year’s Day, but given the subject matter, I think it will actually be more appropriate to post it on Inauguration Day. So look out for it on January 20!

Oh, and merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate it, and happy holidays to everyone who is lucky enough to be having them now. :-)

An Atheist Meets God

Here’s a brilliant parody of the ludicrous idea that an all-powerful, all-knowing, all-loving God would send somebody to hell simply because they didn’t believe in the Bible, no matter how good a person they were. This video’s creator (Edward Current) has several other funny religious parodies as well.

Given my ethnicity, I’m sure there must be a few Japanophiles amongst my readership. And even if you aren’t one, it’s hard not to find a lot of the weird and wonderful things that go on there interesting to say the least! Hence the Planet Japan Podcast, which has a feature on your’s truly in their latest episode (my segment starts at 18:37). I suspect their regular “Religion Corner” segment would be of interest to my readers as well. In the present episode, co-host Doug has a rather interesting(!) hypothesis as to why John McCain lost the US election too. He has also written several articles for Blogcritics magazine, including some very topical Reflections on God and Santa (I’ve sometimes wondered about the idea he puts forward here as well!).

BTW, sorry for the less substantial posts recently, but with all the doom and gloom around at the moment, I feel I would like to write about less weighty issues for now. But rest assured I will be returning to my favorite topics of religion and politics (and the environment as well) next month!

Time Is Running Out!

While we’re on the subject of Christmas, I couldn’t resist posting this absolutely hilarious spoof of R. Kelly’s “hip hopera” Trapped in the Closet, which has got to be the funniest and most creative (not to mention sick, twisted and blasphemous!) Christmas video I’ve ever seen—not for the faint of heart. ;-)

Talking about funny and creative Christmas videos, remember there’s only three weeks left to win a kiss from me for Christmas. Even if you don’t win, at least by entering you can give me a good laugh!

Also, if you were intending to buy something for yourself from my online store for Christmas, you’d better hurry, as it will usually take about two weeks for orders from outside Australia to reach you. We’ve also become aware of some intermittent mail server problems at our ISP, which means there is a small chance we may not have received your order. If you’ve tried to place an order with us but haven’t received a response, please try again now—we are very confident the issue has been fixed.