July 2009

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In the discussion of my previous post, the topic of universal health care came up, and as Obama’s attempts to bring it in in the US is very much in the news at the moment, I thought it might be worth a post to itself. Like gun control laws and legalised prostitution (something I will also be devoting a post to in the future), universal health care is the sort of thing that many (perhaps most) Americans consider to be very radical, but which is in fact already in place in most other first world countries. Read the rest of this entry »

Normalising Sex

As I’m sure most of you know by now, one of the things I have always been outspoken about is what you might call the normalisation of sex. In short, society’s taboos surrounding sex are without any basis in logic or fact, and are also extremely unhealthy, both physically and psychologically. I will have more to say about those psychological effects in a future article, but for now, I’d like to bring your attention this story regarding the physical side of things—it really brought a smile to my face!

There have already been well-supported scientific studies which indicate that regular masturbation can significantly reduce the prevalence of prostate cancer in men, and regular sex has been linked to better cardiovascular health (as it is a completely natural yet also vigourous form of exercise). So it is refreshing to see sex education moving beyond the silly “sex without pleasure” mentality that it has been mired in for far too long now (no doubt due to traditional Christian ideas on sex), to let teenagers know how pleasurable sex can be. The idea is that sex should actually be encouraged, as it is good for our health and well being. Furthermore, it is believed that if women in particular were better educated about the pleasure they can derive from sex, they will be more inclined to be more assertive in their sexual encounters, and as such more likely to insist upon safe sexual practices.

This initiative has lead to predictable criticisms that it will lead to more underage sex, but as this article says, teenagers don’t suddenly become sexual at 18—many (perhaps most) already engage in underage sex anyway, so it seems to me that it is best if they know as much about it as possible.

Just before I launched this blog, another new atheist site was launched—Atheist Nexus. Basically, it is a social networking site exclusively for non-theists. As you can see I am on there, but sadly I haven’t had much time for it, as I devote all my free social networking time to this blog. But as my readership obviously has a lot of non-theists, I thought you might be interested in joining. They are aiming to reach 10,000 memberships on their anniversary, and as you can see, they’re very close!