Bush vs. Obama vs. Terrorism

With Obama’s announcement of a 30,000 strong troop surge in Afghanistan, I thought it would be a good opportunity to look back on the so-called “war on terror”, and how well it has been prosecuted by both US administrations involved (Bush and Obama). Although I’ve always been of the opinion that the war in Afghanistan was probably a losing battle, given that the US and its allies are already there, I guess it makes sense to try and “finish the job” with a massive troop surge. It is different from the situation in Iraq, in as much as Afghanistan actually was a haven for terrorists, and likely will be again should the Taliban regain control of the country. Importantly though, there must be some kind of deadline for when the US and its allies pull out, regardless of whether the surge is successful or not. Obama’s timeline of a staged pull-out starting in 18 months seems reasonable.

Whether Obama’s decision ultimately proves to be correct or not, I think any reasonable person would agree that it is much better to focus military efforts on Afghanistan than to squander them in Iraq, as the Bush administration did. Indeed, a new report indicates that the Bush administration’s prosecution of the war in Afghanistan was always under-resourced, leading to the escape of Osama Bin Laden into Pakistan. The US military basically had him trapped in the Tora Bora mountains, but didn’t apply the force necessary to capture or kill him—instead he just slipped away into Pakistan. This once again leads me to wonder whether the Bush administration ever had any genuine intention of stopping Bin Laden. When September 11 happened, I was astonished that four large passenger aircraft could be hijacked within such a short period of time, and not only was nothing done to stop them, the government supposedly didn’t even know anything about it until the Twin Towers got hit by a second aircraft! Given the intelligence information warning of such an attack, this unbelievable lapse of security is even more astonishing—it really looks as though the Bush administration simply allowed it to happen. Please note that I am not saying the Bush administration actively assisted Al Qaeda (although this is of course possible), but they sure didn’t seem to try very hard to stop them.

So why would the Bush administration allow Al Qaeda to attack they US, and allow Osama Bin Laden to escape into Afghanistan? I think because they were desperate for an excuse to invade Iraq, and even more importantly, they needed an enemy to scare the American people into voting for them, and to allow them to take away Americans’ civil rights with the so-called “Patriot act”. Funny how republicans are always the ones who complain about their constitutional rights being taken away…

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Well put, Sachiko! Using 9/11 as a pretext for settling scores with Iraq was a completely misplaced priority–and quite unethical as well. Remember how several members of the Bush Administration put the words “Mushroom Cloud” in their messaging, to frighten the public into supporting their war? And then after their planned war removed Saddam, it was revealed that they had no plan for what came next! They foolishly allowed the museums to be ransacked, forced the army to be disbanded, and had no plan for the peace. And they allowed the Taliban time to regroup in Afghanistan—big mistake!

I think Obama’s plan is gutsy, although it may prove difficult to begin drawing down troops in just 18 months….


History may be repeating itself. The government knew in 1941 that Pearl Harbor was going to be attacked, but allowed it to happen in order to galvanize the American people. Ultimately, one has to suppose it was the right decision, because Europe could not have defeated Hitler, Mussolini, and Tojo without our aid.
I can’t make up my mind about Afghanistan. Given the Russians’ signal failure there, I am not optimistic, but it would seem to be a better investment of military resources than Iraq.


Alas, there is data available to demonstrate (and considerably describe) a complicity of Bush-Cheney-British cartel connections and the then-ambassador from Saudi Arabia in enabling the 911 attacks. And, though publicly decried by Saudi reports to the media, it remains a solemn fact of history that Osama Bin Laden began his Jihad career as a wealthy Saudi national. And now President Obama is on the spot to “act right” as a worthy grantee of the same sponsorship. I would tend to look at Obama’s new Afghanistan adventure as one more skirmish in the great 150 Years’ Modern War that began with the British-perpetrated US Civil War. This war (read: mechanized carnage) then similarly sucked all sorts of young people into genocide against Native Americans, WW1, WW2, Truman’s spurious nuclear attack on Japan, then Korea, Vietnam, actions like Reagan’s sporting Greneda victory, then messy things like Mogodishu and Bosnia, George H.W. Bush’s first Gulf war, and then finally Iraq. And this is only a skeleton of the full listing of follies joined in this massive deception by a dynasty of warmonging and drug-running financial parasites. It is indeed a very bad parasite, in the Darwinian sense especially, that would so doggedly pursue the destruction of its great and humble host (read: the great body of workers and artists of the world). The parasite’s days are thusly numbered, one way or another.


I remember the early morning of 9/11 in Honolulu watching the disaster on TV and I wrote an opinion piece to the local newspaper. I said how the US govt. leaders would overreact with the massive military show. The elephant attacking scattering ants. It has been obvious from day one al-Queda will never function like a modern army, does not want to hold territory, govern people nor behave like rational humans. The correct reaction should have been like the Israel way, send in the Mossad agents, US Delta Team, CIA hit teams, pay people off, then find and exterminate the vermin. Sending hundreds of thousands of troops and civilians to hold ground is madness that wastes blood and treasure.

Now in Afghanistan, the Taliban wants to govern and hold land from poor, weak farmers and traders. Sounds like an internal civil war to me. Why are we there? Hey Obama, al-Queda leaders have been in Pakistan since 2004. al-Queda are in small group cells in Yeman, France, Saudi Arabia, even the USA.

The Mumbai killings were done by young men who had been sold by their fathers to a group who’s fight is about controlling the Kashmir territory. Nothing to do with al-Queda.
The point of course is superpower cannons won’t kill mosquitoes.
Bring home all the troops and if you want retrain them to speak multiple languages, deadly force and spy infiltration techniques. More over bring capitalism to the poor countries with schools, hospitals, infrastructures by loaning financial aid to the country you wish to help survive.
That’s how you defeat terrorists.

What created all this strife in the Middle and Near East? The forced creation of Israel in 1948 which pushed Palestinian Arabs into camps and bred new generations of terrorists that have spread to every country in the region. Since we can’t reverse that event, we move forward by creating a recognized political state for the Palestinians. That is the first step toward peace.


I think you’re right on the money with your analysis here. I also feel that Obama’s troop surge in Afghanistan is more about Pakistan than it is about Afghanistan. Pakistan is where Al Qaida is currently located. Pakistan is where widespread poverty meets religious extremism to produce a volatile mixture of unrest and instability. And Pakistan has the bomb. The U. S. has to convince Pakistan that it is as serious about closing a porous border between the two countries and denying Al Qaida a safe haven as it wants Pakistan to be.
Otherwise, this makes no sense. Afghanistan has a backward economy. Its two leading exports are opium and hashish. It has a corrupt central government with no popular support, which cannot provide security to its people outside of its central provinces, let alone any kind of government services. The real power in Afghanistan is not the government, nor the Taliban, nor any political party, but the tribal chieftains and the drug lords.
No amount of U. S. troops on the ground is likely to alter this in any significant way. Nation-building in Afghanistan is viewed as such a lost cause that nobody in Washington is even seriously discussing it.
What President Obama failed to do in his speech was to define our goals in Afghanistan, thus depriving us of any clear-cut idea of when or how they would be accomplished. In terms of the domestic political debate in the U. S. he accomplished very little. He just announced a policy which pleases neither his critics on the left nor the right. He took a very lonely stance here, and I don’t know if he can pull this off.
The last “outsider” to have any success in Afghanistan was Alexander the Great, “… and you could look it up,” as Casey Stengel used to say.


@Doug Ross – I agree very strongly with your analysis too Doug. As I say in my article, I think the invasion of Afghanistan was a mistake from the beginning – Obama’s policy only makes sense given the situation we now find ourselves in (I think FireFly’s point about Pakistan is well made). As I also say in my article though, it seems to me that the Bush administration actually never were serious about capturing Osama Bin Laden and stopping Al Qaeda – it seems they just wanted to go to war.

Israel has always been the elephant in the room with regards to Islamic terrorism, a fact which the US government dare not acknowledge due to the power of the Jewish and far right political lobbies.



The symbiosis between George W. Bush and Osama bin Laden was always strange. Each used the other as his greatest recruiting and propaganda tools. It’s almost as if one could not have existed politically without the other.


30.000 more targets for the enemy

because Alexander the Great who came even to India…he had no success in this area,too
the greek build a modern town there but peace was only for short time
so its impossible for a longer time…in past and today

this country have no future
it never had one


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Minimize the aforesaid differences, which I will deliver to president
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plan no 11

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Government and private institutes of America shall pay 5%share of their income
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2.IDC shall invest to build ten thousand new hydro electric dams
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Roads and bridges
Industrial zones
Housing projects
Car, bus and truck industries
Agriculture projects
Schools, colleges and universities
Hospitals and nursing training institutes
Poultry fish and cattle farm training institutes
Paper sugar and furniture industries
Textile and garment industries
Milk powder and tin pack fruit industries
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Electronic and electric industries
Engineering industries
Steel railway aero plane and shipping industries

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1) All the new and old agriculture and technical institutes would be
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2) In America, all technical and agricultural training institutes
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3) Free books would be provided to students studying in these
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4) All the expenses of students studying in these institutes would be
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5) New courses of international stand red would be planned to teach in
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During the next seven years in America, the foiling rules and
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In the result of implanting the suggested plan, besides a large scale
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1) Federal and states government would announce no tax on wind mills
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2) To install wind mills and off shore tide tribunes the federal and
states governments provide free land near off shore.
3) To act upon the above mentioned plan, the federal and states
governments America would announce to provide 50% capital to initiate
the business.

During the next seven years in America, the foiling rules and regulations would be observed to install one million wind mills and one million off shore tide tribunes.
In the result of implanting the suggested plan, besides a large scale of production of pollution free electrical energy, there will be great development in employment, agriculture and industry
Federal and states government would announce no tax on wind mills and off shore tide tribunes.
To install wind mills and off shore tide tribunes the federal and states governments provide free land near off shore.
To act upon the above mentioned plan, the federal and states governments America would announce to provide 50% capital to initiate the business.
Plan no 15
To develop agriculture, industry and business to increase production and to provide employment resources, the following rules and regulations would be implemented.
There would be a 50% tax relief to all factories, mills, schools, colleges and universities and commercial institutions, which are working in double shifts. The number of workers the second shift would be equal to the workers in the first shift.
In America , all federal and state government factories, mills, schools, colleges universities and all commercial institutions would be given 100% tax relief , which are running on triple shifts i.e. 24-hours,in such cases, the number of workers in second and third shifts should be equal to the number of first shift.
All the exporters in America, increase their exports in comparison to last year by 50%, would get 50%tax relief.
Those exporters who would double their exports 100% in comparison to last year would get 100% tax relief by the government.

Plan no 16

To develop agriculture industry trade and export and tourism in America, I recommend the following implementations.
1) For building new industries the federal and states governments shall provide free land to the local and foreign industrialists.
2) after the acquisition of land the industrialists shall have to start production within the first year, and till 20 years the industrialists shall have to start production within first year., and till 20 years the industrialists shall not be able to either close or sell their industries. And after that they will become the complete owners.
3) Similarly for building agro industries, federal and states governments shall provide free land.
A)dairy farms (b)poultry farms(c) cattle farms(d)fish farms (e)feed industries(f)fruit farms (g)tin pack fruit industry(h)milk powder industry (I )ghee oil and soap industry(j)biscuit and sweet industry(k)cold drink and juices industry(l)fertilizer industry(m)insecticide industry
4) government of America under new policy should provide counter trade(barter)facility for import and export to the rest of the world

Plan no 17

To promote agriculture industry, trade, tourism and employment in America 50- thousand latest super stores with following rules and regulations would be installed.
1) in America, in the private sector, the federal and states governments would provide free land of 4- canals 8-kanals,16-kanals and 32-kanals area to install these super stores in different motor ways linking big and small cities.
In these latest super stores, all the necessities of life should be sold in whole sale and retail sale with 10% prophet only.
a)vetables,fruit and grains,flour,rice, ghee , oil and spices.
b) Mutton, beef poultry eggs and fish.
c) Cold drinks, milk shakes, juices and milk.
D) Medicines, fertilizer and insecticide.
e) Cloth, readymade garments, shoes, handbags and purses.
f) Books, stationary and watches.
g) Furniture.friges frezires, air condictioners and computers.
h)utensils and crockery, makeup items and paints.
i) Electrical appliances wires and sanitary material.
j) Cycles motor cycles, cars and tractors.
2) In latest super stores, the following services of international stand red would be provided to people.
A) hotel and restaurants
. Parks, play land, gymnasium and swimming tanks.
b) Petrol pumps, gas station service station and car repairing

plan no 18

To impose the conditions of employment in America, and to give boost to industry, agriculture, business, tourism and export, the following rules and regulations would be implemented immediately.
1) To install new industry in America, the local and international investors would be provided loan on 2%mark up for ten years period from federal and states governments.
2) To boost export in America, the federal government would issue bonus vouchers to all exporters equalent to the money invested. The government would issue two years short term loan against against these bonus vouchers, with 2%mark up only. This money would be returned after one year in easy installments.
3) The investors of such industries would be exempted from all taxes in the next five years by federal and states governments.

Mr. Barack Obama you are not only the Leader of America, you are Great
Leader of the World. In this connection I am waiting for your Email
response, dated 2.10.2009.
Please Confirm.
Thank you, God blesses you and God bless America.
Agha Dilbar (founder)
International Revolution Movement
64-neelum block ait Lahore (Pakistan)
Phone: 0092427830084
Cell 03224628349
Email aghadilbar4@gmail.com
Website http://aghadilbar.webs.com/
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This Open Letter has been sent Nine Lak (900000) to International
Community for the welfare of Humanity till today. I Agha Dilbar
authorize Newspapers, Magazines, Internet to publish and Radio, T.V.
Channels to broadcast this letter all round the World .

I Agha Dilbar challenge with 100% trust that own result of my meeting
with Barack Obama war on terror and suicide attacks in PAKISTAN,
AFGHANISTAN ,IRAQ And all over the WORLD could be put to an end and
due to this great success Barack Obama would be able to rule the
America till 2016. And on my return of my official visit from America
the World will be set on the way of implementing the CHANGE WE NEED.
Live with Dignity and Die with Grace.

It has been extraordinary to read and hear, some of the things I did
my decision alone by the voice of God, who called me in my heart.
Mystery of success to rule the World
Peace through friendship progress and prosperity.
With greetings and best wishes.
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