January 2010

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This just a quick post to let everyone know that my private web cam service is finally beginning at midday today (Australian Eastern Standard Time)! After feedback from my fans, we’ve decided to use Skype exclusively for my web cams and chat, to allow for everything from simple text and audio chat, all the way to two way video chat. I hope this unique new service will have been worth the wait!

Oh yes: I’ve also extended my working hours to start two hours earlier, which I hope will be helpful to those of you in a different time zone—which I’d say accounts for almost all of my fans, actually. :-)

Carbon Trading?

It seems my previous post has turned into a pretty heated discussion as to the merits or otherwise of carbon trading, so seeing as you want to talk about this issue, I thought I should devote a post to it, and move that discussion here (as it is off-topic for that thread). Although I am very certain we should take action on climate change, I am not sure whether carbon trading is the best way to go about it or not. I can certainly see enormous potential benefits to it (especially for the third world), but it is also very complex, and potentially susceptible to corruption and excessive bureaucracy. Anyway, as I’m not sure where I stand, let’s have everybody’s opinions so I can make up my mind. :-)

As to whether carbon trading is a conspiracy or not, I will be devoting a future post to our peculiar willingness to believe in conspiracies, which I suspect is related to our tendency to believe in God. I certainly do not think action on climate change generally is a conspiracy though, as it is very much against the short term interests (in other words, short-sighted greed) of big business. After all, they have always opposed it in the past—and with very good reason, as it hurts their short term profits.

India vs. Australia

No, I’m not talking about the cricket—I don’t think I’ll ever be able to understand how anyone could watch a game that goes for five days without slipping into a boredom induced coma. I’m referring to the continued attacks on Indian students in Melbourne (I’m happy to say that this isn’t happening in the part of Australia I live in), the news of which has been a very sad reflection on Australia in the international media. The Victorian police and the Australian government have both tried to deny that there is a racist element to these attacks, but while that may have been true when there were only a few of them, there have been so many now that I think a racist motive must be undeniable to any reasonable person. I don’t believe Australia is a racist country, but like every other country on earth, there are certainly still plenty of racists here. And neither the police nor the government will be able to do much about them while they bury their heads in the sand and pretend they don’t exist.

Indeed, the government and the Australian media seem to have taken to blaming the Indian media for stirring up this problem. Once again, there was originally some truth to this, and I’m sure it did amplify the hatred of the racists behind these attacks. But that doesn’t even come close to being an excuse for these attacks, which really have been happening (and they are continuing to happen, with the result that one Indian man has now been murdered, and another doused and set alight). This is totally and utterly inexcusable, and it has been going on for far too long now. The recent cartoon in the Indian media portraying the Victorian police as the Ku Klux Klan was certainly over the top, but I can understand how they feel—why is it taking so long for the Victorian police to get any leads on these attacks, when they’ve been going on for so long now? It just doesn’t seem to make any sense.

The Australian government and the Victorian police need to stop trying to deny the obvious racist element to these attacks—and trying to blame the Indian media for them—so they can take serious action to stop these terrible crimes. If nothing else, our huge foreign student industry depends on it.

I am now available to take bookings for my new phone chat service—web cams and live performance are coming very soon! I’m hoping that I will eventually be able to do this full time, which will free me up to start doing photos again, and allow me to completely devote myself to my internet activities. This will also allow me to do my own promotion for my books, so that I can finally self publish them. If you have any suggestions for improvements to my new services, please tell me here or via email.

Happy new year to all my readers and fans! Indeed, I hope it will be a very happy one, as I have an exciting announcement to make: our “secret project” will finally be going live on Monday January 4!

In keeping with my image as the thinking man’s glamour model, we bring you something absolutely unique: the thinking man’s (and woman’s) private web cam and phone chat service! This isn’t the usual “show us your pussy” type of adult web cam or phone chat—this is your chance to talk to a beautiful and intelligent woman about whatever you like, while I wear whatever you like (including nothing at all). While we can of course talk about sex (and I’m certainly very capable of that!), we can also talk about relationships, dealing with sexual suppression, health and beauty, psychology, religion, politics, and many other interesting topics. Optionally, I can also perform for you, including yoga, playing piano, singing (in English, Mandarin Chinese or Japanese), striptease and belly dance!

We will initially be starting with phone chat only, then we will roll out web cam and live performance over the next month or so. We will be using our own infrastructure for all of this, so we thought it would be wise to release it in stages, so we can make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible.