Christian Leader Attacks Atheism At Easter

That title may sound like bad news, but actually, I consider it to be a very good news—clearly, it means that atheists are really starting to make an impact in the media and on the population at large. With the recent passing of “Zombie Jesus Day” (thanks Joe!), we have of course had the annual Good Friday sermons from Christian leaders in Australia. Sydney Anglican Archbishop Peter Jensen took it as an opportunity to spout two old chestnuts: that atheism is as much a religion as Christianity, and that it has resulted in mass murder at the hands of Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot. I have already responded thoroughly to these claims in my Religion and Morality article, so I won’t repeat myself here. Suffice it to say, I agree with the Australian Atheist Foundation president David Nicholls that this is an act of desperation by the church—here is what else he had to say. I’ve also always found the claim that atheism is a religion in itself to be rather curious anyway—it’s kind of like saying “well okay, we admit that that our belief system is crap, but hey, yours is crap too!”.

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There’s a certain argument that drives me nuts and that is when they try to justify their religion because churches do good works. The fact is:
1) Good works are done in the name of religion.
2) Bad works are done in the name of religion.
3) Good works are done that have nothing to do with religion.
4) Bad works are done that have nothing to do with religion.

Therefore, it can be derived that religion has very little to do with whether good or bad works are done. The other contradiction is that there are many different religions with different belief systems, yet all of these religions claim to be a force for good because God is on their side. Yet if God does exist, then only one of these religions can be correct and all the rest must worship “false” Gods. So if God isn’t behind the good deeds of the “false” God sects, then why are those people doing good deeds? And does that make these people atheists since they worship a God that doesn’t exist? So if the Anglican church’s God is a false God, wouldn’t that make Archbishop Peter Jensen an atheist since he is basically worshiping nothing? Isn’t the worship of nothing an absurdity?

My feeling is that if someone wants to believe in God, it’s their own personal business and keep your religion to yourself. I don’t want you knocking on my door, showing up on my TV, handing me fliers at the mall or interfering with my electoral process. Get together with your fellow worshipers on Saturdays, Sundays or whatever day you choose and do your thing, just let me do my thing in my own way and wherever I want to. And don’t act so self-righteous since religion and righteousness have never gotten along very well. Spirituality and righteousness get along very well but spiritual people don’t appear on TV or go door to door bothering people.

To build yourself up by attacking others is a sign of weakness based on creating fear. Hmm… isn’t that what the Nazis did?


Very well said Swamp Rat!