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I was originally intending to just put up a post when I actually did launch my new webcams, but I’ve been receiving so many emails recently asking if I’m still active that I thought I’d better do a post now! Anyway, I will be returning to my webcams soon, but they won’t be in the same form as before. I have recently been doing sex and relationships counselling in ‘real’ life, and it’s the most enjoyable and fulfilling work I’ve ever done—it’s very personally satisfying to be able to help people in such a direct manner, and my clients have all told me that I’ve helped them a lot. So it seems natural to do it on webcams as well, so I can help people all over the world.

So what is happening with all my (very!) long promised commercial products I hear you ask? Well, I keep reviewing (so delaying) my health and beauty book, as I keep expanding upon and improving my knowledge of the subject. I want it to be (as far as possible) definitively correct and well-supported, and I keep learning new things about this subject all the time, both from my own experience and outside research. So I’ve decided I have no choice other than to shelve it for now and re-prioritise my product launches. Hence, I am now intending to release a solo piano CD as my first commercial product, hopefully later this year.

I have a lot of emails from my fans from the last month or two to catch up on, so please bear with me while I get to all of them. In the mean time, you might want to check out what my webmaster and producer Lee has been working on for the last few months—the all new Asian Sirens. You’ll notice that it’s based on the same software as this site, but Lee has expanded upon it considerably to provide a kind of mini-Facebook, but centred on Asian women. I am also their first featured profile.