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Since YouTube suspended my original Sexy Bible Readings channel, we’ve been considering our options for re-posting them. We decided the safest thing to do was to upload streaming versions of the videos directly to this blog, as neither YouTube nor anybody else could censor them here. To do this, my webmaster Lee decided to upload them to an unlisted YouTube channel and download the YouTube video files, as their compression is very efficient and they use our preferred video format (H264 MPEG4). However, seeing as we had to create a new YouTube channel anyway, we figured we might as well save ourselves some bandwidth and try using it—given that the channel and videos aren’t publicly accessible or searchable on the YouTube web site, hopefully they won’t censor them again. And even if they do, we can immediately switch over to our locally hosted versions anyway.

Another advantage to having locally hosted copies is that the people who can’t access YouTube in their country can now view them right here—we will now be linking to the locally hosted version in each sexy Bible reading post. Also, as it is now nearly a month since we tried to post my last Bible reading, we’re also posting my latest reading—click on the link to view the locally hosted version. And as always, there’s an extended, super high quality fully nude version for my web site members.

Some Comic Relief

While I ponder what to do about YouTube censoring all my sexy Bible reading videos, I thought you might enjoy some comic relief. As ever, DarkMatter2525 has posted some great videos since I last featured him, such as the one above, which I think is a truly brilliant illustration of the absurdity and immorality of the central concept of Christianity (Jesus dying for our sins). I also love its absolutely hilarious sequel, Everyone’s a Sinner—I’m sure I’ve provoked this kind of sin many times in my life! :-)

I also recently discovered a great new video series, Messed-Up Bible Stories, which are some of the funniest Bible satires I’ve seen yet, and demonstrate the absurdity and cruelty of the Bible superbly.

As today is my birthday, I thought I should post my latest Bible reading, as the members’ version features me playing a brand new piano piece—in only my birthday suit! I am currently working on several piano pieces for… well, hopefully you will see soon enough! Oh, and if you would like to send me a birthday present, check out my Amazon wish list.

UPDATE: YouTube has decided to wish me a happy birthday by suspending my YouTube account, even though my videos did not breach their guidelines at all (this is similar to what they did to my Blasphemy Challenge video). This is totally outrageous censorship of atheists’ right to free speech!

I’ve now updated this post as well as the other sexy Bible reading posts to display the videos from my new, unlisted YouTube channel—together with links to locally hosted versions for all the people who can’t access YouTube, and to give us backups just in case YouTube censors my channel again.

Okay, so I’m not entirely sure what “refudiate” means (as the word doesn’t exist), but as it seems she meant repudiate, I’m pretty sure I’m using it correctly! Sarah Palin’s difficulties with the English language are of course now legendary, and a favourite subject for commedians. It is however very disturbing that some one whose native language is English can be considered a credible presidential candidate, when they have so much difficulty speaking it correctly. I am far from a perfect English speaker myself, as I learned it as an adult—I would never dare to publish my unedited text here. But Sarah clearly has no problem with doing this, and even likens herself to Shakespeare! Still, a native English speaker who is a potential president should be able to publish their unedited text—the fact that she can’t should be an embarrassment to all American conservatives. The fact that it isn’t says just as much about them as it does about her, and is deeply disturbing. In essence, they celebrate poor education, stupidity and ignorance. This isn’t about right or left—this is about right and wrong.

The other thing the far right celebrates, of course, is bigotry, which as this video says, should be getting as much attention as Sarah’s choice of words. The outrage over the building of a mosque two blocks away from “ground zero” effectively equates all Muslims with the perpetrators of September 11, as that is the only way a simple mosque can be considered “stabbing the heart” of the American heartland. Yet at the same time, they claim not to be anti-Muslim, and Palin even calls on peaceful Muslims to support her! Why should they? If they are peaceful, then there is nothing wrong with this mosque (or rather, there isn’t anything more wrong with it than any other place of religious worship).

We’ve been performing some major updates to my blog over the past week, so as I haven’t been able to post for so long, this post will be a bit of a grab bag. First of all, I’ve just posted my latest Bible reading (as always, along with an extended, super high quality fully nude version for my web site members). Secondly, as I mentioned we’ve performed some major updates to our blog software to bring it up to date, and we’ve made a few refinements to the design of the site at the same time—we want it to be the cleanest and most elegant blog on the net! And last, but certainly not least, I want to bring your attention to GodBlock (thanks to Joe Miller for the tip!). It has always amused me how hysterical people get about “protecting” children from pornography, when I am not aware of a single scientific study that shows it harms children at all—certainly, it is very difficult to understand how nudity could do any harm to children anyway. It seems to me that this widely held assumption is yet another form of sexual suppression brought to us by religion—which ironically, actually has been shown to have done serious psychological damage to children in many cases. So GodBlock turns the usual internet filter on its head, by protecting children from what could really harm them: religion.

When I read about this story, I just had to do a post on it! The infamous 62-foot tall statue of Jesus outside Solid Rock Church (yes, that really is the name of the church!) in Monroe, Ohio has burned to the ground—after being struck by lightning! The statue is known by the amusing nicknames “big butter Jesus” (apparently a reference to its colour) or more commonly “touchdown Jesus” (referring to its rather absurd pose, which looks a lot like the touchdown signal given by referees in American football). Although it was destroyed—in the words of the insurance company—by an “act of God”, a giant Hustler Hollywood store across the road was untouched! Yes, the humour in this story may be endless, but this kind of incident really does pose some very serious questions for theists, such as: Read the rest of this entry »

Here’s my latest Bible reading video. And to go with it, we’ve also posted an extended, super high quality fully nude version for my web site members.

Here is my second Bible reading video from the ten Commandments, and third Bible reading overall. As with my last reading, there’s also an extended, super high quality topless version for my web site members. Sorry my hair is a little messy, but I thought I’d better not brush it on the Sabbath Day. :-)


When I received a tip-off about this event (thanks Randy!), I just had to participate. So I put on one of my most exposing tops, and went shopping (photographic proof is above!). Okay, so I usually do this at least once a week anyway, but I just had to make this outing in honour of this worthy cause. :-)

Seemingly unable to come up with any genuine criticism of my first Bible reading, Christians mostly responded to it in one of two ways: do the Koran instead, or talk about the “good” stuff in the Bible, such as the ten commandments. So for my second Bible reading, I’ve done exactly that—here’s what the Bible has to say about how to discipline children, so as to comply with the fifth commandment (“honour your father and mother”). I will tackle more commandments in my next few Bible readings.

For this new reading, I’ve also done an extended, topless version for my web site members—this is something I will be doing every month from now on. And even better, so that as many people can see these new videos as possible, I’ve dropped the price of my web site membership to only $9.99 for one month (and $4.99 per month recurring)! Also, so as not to disadvantage anyone who has joined recently, if you joined earlier this year you can claim a $10 credit to use at my online store!

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