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It only took more than a year longer than I’d originally announced(!), but my webcams are now finally, truly back, and better than ever! Check out the video above for all the relevant info—the full length, full resolution, fully nude version is on my web cam page. I am deeply sorry to my fans that I have been away for so long, but in addition to my webcams, we are planning on launching a major new project by the beginning of next year that should finally allow me to stay online permanently. Stay tuned, and in the mean time, enjoy my new and improved webcams! I greatly appreciate your incredibly loyal support and patience while you’ve awaited my long promised return—I only hope I can make it up to you.

I was originally intending to just put up a post when I actually did launch my new webcams, but I’ve been receiving so many emails recently asking if I’m still active that I thought I’d better do a post now! Anyway, I will be returning to my webcams soon, but they won’t be in the same form as before. I have recently been doing sex and relationships counselling in ‘real’ life, and it’s the most enjoyable and fulfilling work I’ve ever done—it’s very personally satisfying to be able to help people in such a direct manner, and my clients have all told me that I’ve helped them a lot. So it seems natural to do it on webcams as well, so I can help people all over the world.

So what is happening with all my (very!) long promised commercial products I hear you ask? Well, I keep reviewing (so delaying) my health and beauty book, as I keep expanding upon and improving my knowledge of the subject. I want it to be (as far as possible) definitively correct and well-supported, and I keep learning new things about this subject all the time, both from my own experience and outside research. So I’ve decided I have no choice other than to shelve it for now and re-prioritise my product launches. Hence, I am now intending to release a solo piano CD as my first commercial product, hopefully later this year.

I have a lot of emails from my fans from the last month or two to catch up on, so please bear with me while I get to all of them. In the mean time, you might want to check out what my webmaster and producer Lee has been working on for the last few months—the all new Asian Sirens. You’ll notice that it’s based on the same software as this site, but Lee has expanded upon it considerably to provide a kind of mini-Facebook, but centred on Asian women. I am also their first featured profile.

I’m Still Alive!

I’ve received a lot of messages recently asking what’s happening with me, so I thought I’d better give everyone a quick update. As I mentioned in my previous post, after being banned by YouTube—which certainly isn’t the first time I’ve been blocked by social networking sites—I felt I had no choice but to take a different tack to get my message out there. So as I also said in that post, I’ve decided to focus on bringing my commercial products to market, and that’s still what I’m doing.

Together with my manager, editor and producer Lee, we have also made the decision that we have to do everything ourselves. The obvious reason for this is so that our artistic vision isn’t compromised, but it’s also because publishing and distribution are clearly in a state of transition. We don’t want to be held back by obsolete publishing and distribution methods—we want to be at the forefront of the new, and we have some very exciting ideas on how we will do this.

The obvious downside of doing everything ourselves, however, is that it is slow, and we have to pay for everything out of our own pockets. So we aren’t just working hard to get our products finished—we’re also working hard to make enough money to bring them to market and promote them. So I’ve had to put aside all unnecessary distractions, which sadly include this blog, my sexy Bible readings, my main web site, and even my webcams. But once everything is done and we’re ready to promote them, I’ll certainly be back online!

I should stress, however, that all my sites will be kept online and fully supported for the whole time.

I still haven’t had time to do my post on the Australian election yet, as there’s so much I want to say on it, and I’ve become very busy with other things. And sadly, that isn’t the only thing I haven’t had time to do—there won’t be any sexy Bible reading this month, or for the immediate future. When you’ve been banned by all the major social networking sites as I have been, it is very difficult to get much traction on the internet these days; my videos are now only getting a tiny fraction of the views they got when my YouTube channel was publicly available. So as they aren’t reaching a very wide audience, I’ve made the difficult decision that it isn’t really worth my while to continue doing them until I can find a way for them to reach more people. And when you’ve been censored by all the major sites on the net, the only way I can see to achieve this is to become more famous outside the net.

Hence, I have decided to refocus my efforts on my book and music projects. This blog and my sexy Bible readings have in reality been a huge distraction from these projects, and have delayed them considerably. The thing is, I really wanted to keep engaging with my fans on the internet, as I really enjoy it, and you’ve been so incredibly supportive of me. I may not have the most fans of any model, but I think I have the best fans—I don’t think any other model’s blog can compare with the level of discourse here. But the fact of the matter is, if I can make my outside projects successful, it will eventually mean I will be able to devote much more time to my internet activities than I can now. But to get there, I have to wind them back for now.

I probably won’t be able to stop myself posting articles here every now and again, as there’s just so much I want to say about what’s going on in the world, and I will continue to respond to everyone’s comments. But my pace of posting will probably slow down; indeed, you’ve probably noticed that it already has to a degree. I have every intention of returning to my sexy Bible readings when the time is right—I basically just need to find a way for me to reach a wider audience. If by some miracle they suddenly become an internet hit for some reason (even without a public channel on YouTube), I will restart them as soon as possible. I still strongly believe that the approach I use in these videos is one of the most effective ways of dealing with this issue, and I really think I can make a significant impact if I can just reach a wide enough audience. Read the rest of this entry »

Since YouTube suspended my original Sexy Bible Readings channel, we’ve been considering our options for re-posting them. We decided the safest thing to do was to upload streaming versions of the videos directly to this blog, as neither YouTube nor anybody else could censor them here. To do this, my webmaster Lee decided to upload them to an unlisted YouTube channel and download the YouTube video files, as their compression is very efficient and they use our preferred video format (H264 MPEG4). However, seeing as we had to create a new YouTube channel anyway, we figured we might as well save ourselves some bandwidth and try using it—given that the channel and videos aren’t publicly accessible or searchable on the YouTube web site, hopefully they won’t censor them again. And even if they do, we can immediately switch over to our locally hosted versions anyway.

Another advantage to having locally hosted copies is that the people who can’t access YouTube in their country can now view them right here—we will now be linking to the locally hosted version in each sexy Bible reading post. Also, as it is now nearly a month since we tried to post my last Bible reading, we’re also posting my latest reading—click on the link to view the locally hosted version. And as always, there’s an extended, super high quality fully nude version for my web site members.

As today is my birthday, I thought I should post my latest Bible reading, as the members’ version features me playing a brand new piano piece—in only my birthday suit! I am currently working on several piano pieces for… well, hopefully you will see soon enough! Oh, and if you would like to send me a birthday present, check out my Amazon wish list.

UPDATE: YouTube has decided to wish me a happy birthday by suspending my YouTube account, even though my videos did not breach their guidelines at all (this is similar to what they did to my Blasphemy Challenge video). This is totally outrageous censorship of atheists’ right to free speech!

I’ve now updated this post as well as the other sexy Bible reading posts to display the videos from my new, unlisted YouTube channel—together with links to locally hosted versions for all the people who can’t access YouTube, and to give us backups just in case YouTube censors my channel again.

Today marks two years since we launched this blog! Those of you who have been around since then will know that my own birthday is also coming up soon, so I’ve updated my Amazon wish list for the occasion. I was never able to find out how to contact the person who sent me the first season of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, but I am very grateful to them, as I really love this show, and want to see the rest of the series. I also want to once again thank everyone else who sent me stuff from last year’s list—especially John, who was exceedingly generous!

I guess some of you are wondering what happened to my long promised health and beauty book. We did consider self publishing it, or just sending it to publishers overseas. However, the whole idea of this book was to expand my media presence, so simply self publishing kind of defeated the purpose of it. And since I wrote about this last time, we have come up with an interesting new business idea which I think could really give me tremendous exposure. We want to explore this, but it requires a lot of groundwork and a lot of investment. However, I have just recently made some progress toward this goal. It will still require a lot of work yet, but I believe the results will be worth it. Stay tuned!

We’ve been performing some major updates to my blog over the past week, so as I haven’t been able to post for so long, this post will be a bit of a grab bag. First of all, I’ve just posted my latest Bible reading (as always, along with an extended, super high quality fully nude version for my web site members). Secondly, as I mentioned we’ve performed some major updates to our blog software to bring it up to date, and we’ve made a few refinements to the design of the site at the same time—we want it to be the cleanest and most elegant blog on the net! And last, but certainly not least, I want to bring your attention to GodBlock (thanks to Joe Miller for the tip!). It has always amused me how hysterical people get about “protecting” children from pornography, when I am not aware of a single scientific study that shows it harms children at all—certainly, it is very difficult to understand how nudity could do any harm to children anyway. It seems to me that this widely held assumption is yet another form of sexual suppression brought to us by religion—which ironically, actually has been shown to have done serious psychological damage to children in many cases. So GodBlock turns the usual internet filter on its head, by protecting children from what could really harm them: religion.

Here’s my latest Bible reading video. And to go with it, we’ve also posted an extended, super high quality fully nude version for my web site members.

Here is my second Bible reading video from the ten Commandments, and third Bible reading overall. As with my last reading, there’s also an extended, super high quality topless version for my web site members. Sorry my hair is a little messy, but I thought I’d better not brush it on the Sabbath Day. :-)

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